2021 Bull Offering


Would like to start this off with a big “Thank You” to all of our faithful repeat customers and new customers alike, that believed in us enough to get their new herd bulls from us last year. The year 2020 was a very unnerving year for all of us in the cattle business. Hopefully 2021 will be a much better year for everyone. We are all in this together and the cattle business will continue to prosper if we keep the faith.

The University of Wisconsin - River Falls bull test was canceled this year. Susan and I normally consign 6 bulls to that test and sale. We usually raise an additional 4 to 5 bulls here at home. Because of our limited facilities and feed supply we decided that we would raise the 10 most promising bulls for our customers here at home. We have never attempted to raise that many ourselves before. So far so good. They are really doing well on our high quality grassy hay and our “Hawk Valley Angus DEV R30” pellets that are produced and marketed by “Big Gain”, Lodi, Wi.

These bulls honestly are the thickness, stoutest, and most physically correct ones yet in our 40+ years in what we lovingly call Hawk Valley. And it goes without saying that this bunch of boys are very docile due to the extra amount of interaction they have with Susan, Greta, our German Shepherd, and I.

The bulls will be priced from $2,800.00 to $3,500.00. Three will be priced at $2,800.00, three for $3,000.00, three for $3,200.00 and one will be sold for $3,500.00. We have yet to actually set the prices on each individual bull. We are waiting for them to have more time to mature before we do. We also want to run them across the scale to get their yearling weights. Once they are priced, we will use four different colored eartags to make it easy for you to know what the price of each individual bull is.

All of them are calving ease with outstanding growth potential. Their Expected Progeny Differences speak to that. The chart of data I have provided was based on 1-22-21 data from the American Angus Association. If the website is working correctly you should be able to just click on a bull’s Registration Number and you will be taken to the American Angus Association’s website and be shown his pedigree and EPD data.

Deposits on bulls are now being accepted. A deposit puts your name on the list in the order the deposit was received. The customer that makes the first deposit gets first choice of the ten bulls. Second gets second choice, etc. etc. We have done this for years with great acceptance by our bull buyers.

All bulls will be semen checked and reproductively examined. Only bulls that pass both will be sold. A breeding soundness exam certificate, from our veterinarian, will be provided to you. We also provide up to 100 miles of free delivery of your bull.

Susan, Greta and I are looking forward to hearing from you. Stay safe and happy.

Rick and Susan Case

Hawk Valley Angus - 2021 Bull Offering

EPD’s – Expected Progeny Differences
Click the registration number for pedigrees and EPDs

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